Coming Attractions

Here’s a list of some topics that I have in mind for future blogging:

Coming Soon:

  • Background info about me
  • My take on the purpose of an undergrad physics education
  • Studying physics at a liberal arts college for undergrad
  • Graduate Junction, the new networking website for grad students

Coming Later:

  • New experiences in grad school
  • TAing
  • Classes
  • The LHC coming online soon, hopefully I can shed some perspective on what it’s like to be a student studying high energy theory during (what we all hope will be) an exciting time for the field
  • Life in my new city, with a special focus on living carless for the first time
  • Finding my way into the world of HEP theory: getting my feet wet, beginning research, finding an adviser, and progressing toward a thesis

Of course, anything that strikes my fancy in the meantime will be fair game.

If you have questions or any special topics that you would like me to discuss, please leave those in the comments sections, especially as I start to get more substantive posting going.  Please see my Policy page for information about commenting.


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