The First Excited Tweet

Yes, The First Excited State now has a Twitter account!  That means I’m just as hip as John McCain!  (Although I don’t spend as much time mocking support for science research and community centers.)

I have long resisted the pull of Twitter.  Even as it gained mainstream notoriety, I didn’t see any point in getting an account.  I was fine with facebook as my only source of online social networking.

But then one of my favorite basketball blogs got a twitter account, and I saw a way that I could use twitter to expand my semi-psuedonymous physics presence on the internet.

So come follow me on twitter!

My tweets (twitter status updates, for the uninitiated) will follow a similar focus to my blog, but of course in less detail.  This will be great, because I often have half-baked ideas that I’d like to share in the blog, but don’t really warrant a full post.  If I have a bunch of them, I can make a “bullets” post, but I usually just forget most of them.  Now I have an outlet for those ideas that take 140 characters or less.  We’ll see how this experiment turns out.

If you’re already on twitter, what should I know?  Who should I be following?  Let me know in the comments.


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