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Budget Cuts for US Science

The proposed Republican budget includes huge cuts across the board, especially in health and science areas. The cuts would come halfway through the fiscal year, making them even more onerous. The cuts would have the effect of slashing the remaining balances of the NSF and NIH budgets by almost 10 percent and the DOE Office of Science and NIST by more than 30 percent. For example, the Tevatron, the large accelerator at Fermilab, already due to be shut down in September due to lack of funding, could be shut down almost immediately. There will certainly be layoffs, and national labs may have to shut down completely for some period. President Obama’s proposed budget is much more favorable to science overall.

The House of Representatives has already passed their version of the bill, but the budget battle is far from over.  Click here to write to your legislators to oppose the passage of such huge cuts to American science.

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