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Friday Afternoon Poll: Quantum Mechanics vs. Relativity

It’s Friday afternoon, and after a day full of classes, I have an hour gap between the introduction to research seminar and my dreaded TA team meeting.  Since my brain is in the final stages of shutdown, I figrued it would be a good time for a fun, somewhat nonsensical poll.  So here we go:

If you could change the laws of physics, which would you get rid of: quantum mechanics or relativity?  And I don’t mean this esoterically, like finding a quantum theory of gravity to explain relativity, or something like that.  I mean you say “BAM!  Now the wave-particle duality no longer exists!” or “WHAMMO!  No more time dilation!”  And your choice would immediately affect all physical processes from that point forward.

There are no cop-outs allowed.  You can’t say that you would keep both.  Put your answer in the comments section, along with some sort of explanation for why you would choose to do it that way.

Since I just came up with this question not 15 minutes ago, I don’t have an answer myself yet, but I’ll let it percolate through my half-functioning brain and let you know what I decide.



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